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Brazilian C-Span | Social Media Evangelism


Source: Portal IMPRENSA (Brazil)

Newly elected president of the lower house of Congress, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) intends to install political leadership at TV Câmara [… Brazilian C-Span …] ,  currently run by career civil servants. An evangelical, Cunha wants to assign the newly created office to the PRB political party, tied to the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (IURD).

Eduardo Cunha may confer control of TV Câmara on a political party with ties to the Universal Church.

The Universal Church is also the owner of the Globo rival Record Network since 1989 — the second largest TV network in Brazil, after Globo, with whom it has waged intense guerrilla media warfare over the years.


The complexities of this corporate feud are laid out in this fine Wikipedia chronology of the Record organization.


In a demonstration of the political clout of apocalyptic evangelicals, in 2009, President Lula attended the inauguration of the network’s brand new «television city» in São Paulo — RecNov, for Record Novelas — «soap operas». This is a market in which there is intense rivalry, especially relative to the time slot for Globo’s Jornal Nacional, the leading primetime news broadcast.

The Folha de S.Paulo reports that federal deputy  Cleber Verde (PRB-MA), a member of the Evangelical Parliamentary Front, is the favorite to assume the office. Technical personnel of the house are debating the new structure of the Communications Directorate, which starting after the Carnaval break will be submitted to the authority of the house leadership (mesa diretora).

Among the options for the new proposal is the naming of a supervisor, or perhaps some kind of political commission responsible for the directives governing TV, radio, and the Agência Câmara news agency.

Some civil servants in the communications area are putting up resistance. During the presidential campaign, Cunha reintroduced the idea of transmitting content to the States in order to allow audiences to follow the actions of their congressional representatives.

The PMDB leader also says he plans to implement the transmission of Rádio Câmara to all cities with more than 100,000 residents. On his Twitter account, Cunha confirmed that there would be “profound changes” at TV Câmara and that it would be run by federal deputies.

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Below, satire from the wild men of the Desciclopedia.


Globo Sewage Network: We manipulate you!

Rede Records plots to take over the world!

Rede Records plots to take over the world!