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Grey Propaganda | Taking IT to the Streets


From the Estado de S. Paulo:

The mainstream Brazilian press never disappoints those who expect nothing from it.

Consider the case of Rogério Chequer, the new hero of the right.

The Estado de S. Paulo  interviews an unusually frank lobbyist who describes how he plans to mount a grey propaganda campaign involving modest protest cells VPR and the REVOLTADOS, in an effort to go viral.

The Vem Pra Rua was created this year by Chequer and a man known by the codename  Colin Butterfield …

In recent weeks, Chequer has been an ubiquitous presence in magazines and newspapers thanks to an infallible method for attracting the spotlights: bashing the federal government.

Chequer, 46, is the apparent leader of an obscure movement known as Vem Pra Rua — [Bring It] To the Streets.

Now, VPR is ruminating a call for the impeachment of Dilma for reasons as shady as the group itself.

The essential question a reader should expect to see addressed in media coverage, is this: Who is this Chequer guy, who believes he can cancel the preferences of 54 million voters?

Stratfor? What for?

chequer dcm

One item in his biography deserves our full attention.

But does the media provide it? It ignores it.

In a WikiLeaks document, Chequer turns up as having ties to Stratfor, a private American intelligence agency known as a “second choice CIA.”

Let us see.

Chequer is not exactly an employee of McDonalds or Disney.

Stratfor supplies geopolitical intelligence to companies and American government agencies.

choicesChequer recently made an appearance on [the local version of “Meet The Press”] Roda Viva, presided over by the Brad Pitt choicesof Taquaritinga (Agusto Nunes).

Not a single journalist, much less the moderator, asked a single question about Stratfor.choices

Chequer also granted an interview with journalist Pedro Dias Leite of Veja magazine. Once again: no mention of Stratfor.

Journalistic standards in this case were upheld in the only territory genuinely free in the Brazilian media: the Internet.

At Tijolaço, the blogger Fernando Brito –- one of the finest writers of the British press corps, by the way — offered society the opportunity to know that Chequer apparently worked for Stratfor.

Chequer has had difficulties explaining the finances of VPR.

Thanks to the incompetence (or bad faith) of the Brazilian press, however, he was even able to weasel out of an even more complex issue: his partnership in a company often compared to [having possible contractual ties with] the CIA.

Recently, Chequer met with the founder of REVOLTADOS, business executives Marcello Reis. He denies, however, that the conversation touched on the possibility of joint action.

The two founders of VPR sought to create a space in which people could express their indignation with the government. They created a Facebook page, which today has 16,000 followers. Chequer says the movement has 80 collaborators producing materials and staging protests.

The group survives on voluntary donations and has no partisan ties.”We lack a physical presence at the moment, but we soon will have.”

It has no income but it can afford a call and social media center with 80 operators. Hmmm.


The Secret Policeman’s Ball | True Sambodian Crime

Source: UOL/DCM

One hundred and ninety four million and 900 thousand dollars. This, according to HSBC in Switzerland, was the balance of an account tied to a retired Brazilian judicial police official and private security company owner Miguel Gonçalves Pacheco e Oliveira between 2006 and 2007.

Despite maintaining this sum in the coffers of Geneva — where he figures as one of the ten wealthiest Brazilian account holders — Oliveira continued to take legal action in search of a more substantial pension.  In recent years, he has filed at least eight lawsuits seeking the review of his monthly income. He won some of these and is appealing those he lost. According to the transparency Web site of the state of S. Paulo, he receives a net sum of R$ 10,000 for services rendered to the state judicial police.

An analysis by UOL in partnership with the daily O Globo found Oliveira and another four public servants and public works contractors among the 8,667 SwissLeaks accounts. Among these are an official of the state judicial police of Rio de Janeiro, an engineer in the city Secretariat of Public Works, one a board member of the concession holder for the  Cabo Frio and the former director of the Rio subway, Opportrans.

All those named had denied having Swiss accounts or incurred in any other financial irregularity. Oliveira did not respond to questions posed during an interview.

In the course of his career, Miguel Oliveira was assistant deputy of Decap, an agency responsible for oversight of 93 police precincts in the São Paulo metro areas. As part of his job, he traveled to Miami and New York to gain experience in combatting organized crime.

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PSDB | Newspeak As Marches Get Rolling Along

Astroturf refers to apparently grassroots-based citizen groups or coalitions that are primarily conceived, created and/or funded by corporations, industry trade associations, political interests or public relations firms. —SourceWatch

PSDB (Brazil)

National president of the PSDB, Sen. Aécio Neves, said this Wednesday that his party supports the demonstations scheduled for Sunday against the Dilma government, but that it would not act officially in the protests.

The party leadership decided in a meeting on 11 March, to provide informal support to the organized movements being mounted  nationwide, which it sees as a spontaneous [grass-roots] movement that will not be partisan in nature.

“We express our unrestricted support for the peaceful, democratic demonstrations being organized in an nonpartisan manner by various sectors of Brazilian society,” the Senator said.Campaigns & Elections

The pro-forma independence of a “movement” from  government or corporate support for such demonstrations does not mean that there is no room for participation by a complex refinery of  “corporations, industry trade associations, political interests or public relations firms.corporations, industry trade associations, political interests or public relations firms.”

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March 15 | Paying to Liquidate Lula?


São Paulo —  BBC Brasil previews the anti-government demonstrations planned for March 15, and attempts to  “follow the money” using ,a rudimentary


Meanwhile the small, ultra-leftist PCO, presents reasons to suspect stealth corporate sponsorship of the march, revolving around a charitable foundation with ties to Lehmann Brothers. The interlocking directorates of the Brazilian third sector can be as byzantine as … Byzantium.

And hardly any  nongovernmental entities practice decent governance. An annual report to download? Is that too much to ask?

At any rate, the chair recognizes the Communists at this juncture.

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O Globo and the Gatekeeper | SwissLeaks Brazil


Source: GGN

Topic: Access to SwissLeaks data

In the days when she was the loveliest woman on the planet, Ava Gardner visited Rio and stayed at the Copacabana Palace. At night, she went down to the hotel bar, had a few and engaged in comic banter with the piano player. Legend has it that they both retired to her room. Faced with the lady’s splendor, however, the pianist failed to perform …

Fernando Rodrigues has had his moment with Ava Gardner: Exclusive access to material that many reporters would sacrifice a finger to obtain, an enormous list of offshore accounts in a bank specializin there are lig in hiding the identity of its account holders.

Of the names found on this list, the most innocent were ex-husbands trying to hide assets from  their ex-wives. All in all, however, it was a bank specializing in hiding the identity of major financial operators, and the most substantial money-laundering scheme yet discovered in this age of the Internet.

With thousands of names to check, it should certainly be possible to produce an X-ray of political and financial scandals during an entire era of Brazilian history. And with Google at hand to check names and supplement information.

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Brazilian Bicheiro Named in Inaugural Swiss Leaks Piece

The captain grips and grins the Mayor of Rio, Cesar Maia, in a roda de samba 


Source: O Globo.

O  Globo and the news portal  UOL — with its filial ties to the Folha de S. Paulo — have been anointed sole keepers of the flame in the Swiss Leaks case as it pertains to Brazil.

The first, brief installment published today focuses on two dramatic and notorious figures: the numbers racketeer — bicheiro — “Capital Guimarães” — a fixture on the Rio Carnaval circuit in the role of Maecenas — and the henchman of a top Colombian drug smuggler found living in Alphaville, extorted constantly by the narco cops of DENARC.

The story on Guimarães is a fascinating one, on which I have taken some notes in the past. Consider

At the top of this page, at the far left, the Captain, with other bicho bankers and Rio mayor Cesar Maia.

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Uncle Sam Wants You

The U.S. is already acting to overthrow Dilma Rouseff | F. William Engdahl