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Folha de S.Paulo Waves Democratic Banner

Castigated over the years — and not without cause — as a partisan organ bordering on the Murdochian tabloid, the Folha de S.Paulo launches an elaborate banner campaign |stressing the values of democratic debate and cultural diversity, in an attempt to shore up its image as a “quality’ paper that does not deserve to be popularly known as PIG — a fairly successful meme that means “the political party of the coup-plotting media.”

its agaomstdrugs

«The Folha favors legalization of drugs»


«I do not.»


«Whether you agree or not, follow the Folha, because while it has its own positions, it always opensves s space for divergent opinions.»


The incongruence of a rough-trade woman expressing a socially conservative opinion is the heart of the campaign — do not judge a book by its Collor. It has also been used in a series to TV spots promoting safe sex, with alternating talking heads whose description of themselves is out of tune with their appearance.