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Through the Eye of a Kamel | An Appeal to PayPal Progressives


«The day that we are found guilty merely because, in a political article, we called the director of journalism at Brazil’s largest TV concession a “reacionário” and “sacripanta”, will be the end of freedom in Brazil. –Miguel do Rosário

The Barão de Itaré Institute is conducting a digital barn-building on behalf of a colleague who recently lost a SLAPP suit — an acronym the Brazilians lack, but should learn more about.

The appeal to readers and potential participants in this digital mutirão:

Miguel do Rosário, author of the blog O Cafezinho, is the latest victim of Ali Kamel, director of journalism at the Globo network and a “specialist” in bringing law suits against bloggers and digitial activists. Having allegedly libeled [– or broken some similar honor law –Ed.]  —  the Global executive, Miguel do Rosário was sentenced to pay damages of some R$ 20,000.

Together with the legal fees in the case, the damage done is more than R$ 30,000. The “crime” committed was the use of two adjective to describe Kamel: sacripanta  and reacionário.”

Sacripanta is, indeed, a harsh adjective:

  1. adj. He who neither demonstrates nor possess dignity, who intentionally deceives; a villain or swindler; a patife (low-life)
  2. He who neither demonstrates nor possesses dignity, who intentionally deceives; a villain or swindler;
  3. Someone who appears to be devout, but in reality is a trickster

He who speaks of journalistic independence and then orders O Globo reporters not to mention the name of ex-president Cardoso in its coverage of the Car Wash case.

Past coverage of Kamel and his writings and doings: blog archives.

To express solidarity with the blogger, together with such names as Luis Nassif, Paulo Henrique Amorim, Rodrigo Vianna, Marco Aurelio Mello and Willians de Barros (the Cloaca Cloaca) who have also felt the sting of Kamel’s appetite for libel suits, the Barão Itararé Center for Studies of Alternative Media is launching, in partnership with bloggers and well-wishers of O Cafezinho, a fundraising campaign.

The mission of this campaign is to help the blogger not only to repay his debt, which comes due in March or April, but also to keep O Cafezinho from dying out for lack of funds.  We invite bloggers and sympathizers to spread the word about the campaign, using its banners and links, including this one.