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In Jequitinhonha | Another Good Blog Gone

A scene worthy of Sinaloa or Los Zetas.

Source: Portal IMPRENSA.

The body of investigative journalist Evany José Metzker, 67 , was found decapitated and in an advanced state of decomposition on Monday (May 18) along a road in the rural zone of Padre Paraíso (MG), an area in the Jequitinhonha Valley. He was last seen on Wednesday, May 13.

Journalist investigated a gang that allegedly pimped underage girls.

As the Estado de Minas reports, the state police are working with two theories: because of his investigation of a criminal racket, or as part of an alleged romantic relationship with someone in the city. The police have ruled out [robbery accompanied by murder] given that his wallet, documents and credit cards as well as his wristwatch and wedding band were found near the body.

The 26th Military Policy brigade received an anonymous tip around 11:30 a.m. on Monday. The police arrived to find a semi-naked body with its hands tied behind its back. The head was found in a nearby ditch. Crime scene investigators estimate that the body had lain in that position at that location for approximately five days.

Evany José Metzker was author and editor of the news Web site Coruja do Vale (The Owl of the Valley), in which he denounced crimes and political misdemeanors in city halls throughout the region. Lately he was investigating a gang that trafficked in underage in Catuji (MG).

Metzker lived in Medina, a different region of the Jequitinhonha Valley, and had traveled to Padre Paraíso to work on a series of articles. A notebook with his notes will be handed over to the state police to assist in the investigation. ….

The tragedy recalls the 2007 case, now long forgotten, of Luiz Carlos Barbon, on which I took fairly copious notes at the time … The journalist had helped bring about the conviction of the mayor and senior officials for organizing the prostitution of underage girls.