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Globo’s Eye on the FBI

Sports executive Marcelo Campos Pinto, of Brazil’s Globo network, is worried — as is the broadcaster as a whole — by the path taken recently by an FBI investigation of corrupt international soccer executives.

Especially worrisome for Globo is whether the company Sport Promotion, property of José Francisco Coelho Leal, aka Kiko — a former partner of Luciano do Valle in Luqui Participações — will loosen its tongue.

Differently than in Brazil, which permits plea bargains in which the subject is not required to give evidence against himself, in the U.S., any act of omission invalidates the agreement and raises the stakes for the investigation subject.

It was in this context that J. Hawilla handed over the entire system for the sale of television rights in Brazil.

For obvious reasons, it is not credible to believe that only TRAFFIC and KLEFER were responsible for payment of bribes — even a monthly stipend of R$ 2 million in one case — to former presidents Ricardo Teixeira and José Maria Marin (and signs are, to the current president Marco Polo Del Nero as well), without the principal buyer of transmission rights, Globo, being aware.

It is difficult to believe as well that the broadcaster is not the remote origin of the funds which processed by the aforementioned companies arrive at their destination (the pockets of a “top hat” (football executive, club owner, cartoonish Monopoly tycoon).

The notorious commercial, but principally social, relationships of Globo executive Marcelo Campos Pinto with team owners, federations and other go-betweens makes “innocence” a difficult difficult term to apply as well.

It is very unlikely that in such a promiscuous environment, the friends of Globo would not not rewarded with a portion of the “generosity” of the owners.

Returning now to “Sport Promotion”: This is precisely the same company of Kiko’s that intermediated — in association with TRAFFIC — the broadcast rights to the Brazil Cup (cited by the FBI as a source of bribes), which connects it directly to Globo.

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