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The Man Behind the Marinhos, and Vice Versa


In reporting on the international corruption scandals in the world of national and international that led to the arrest of former CBF president José Maria Marin, the Jornal Nacional prime time news hour on TV Globo omits some important facts. To start with, the fact that J. Hawilla had been Globo’s sports director in S. Paulo — he started out as a field reporter — and at the same time operated a parallel business that produced advertising placards for stadiums. From this background  emerged an entrepreneur with strong ties to the powerful broadcaster. Em 2003 J. Hawilla founded TV TEM, or “Traffic Entertainment and Marketing,” a chain of TV Globo affiliates in inland São Paulo. His TV stations cover nearly half the state: 318 townships and 7.8 million inhabitants, achieving a 49% share in the region. The Hawilla-Globo pact does not stop here. It was also from Globo that Hawilla acquired the Diário de São Paulo in 2009. He was already the owner of the Rede Bom Dia network of newspapers in cities covered by TV TEM.

The concentration of economic power in the newspapers adoublesnd magazines market is another aspect where monopoly interests are readily visible. The Grupo Abril controls 100% of print distribution in the greater metro area and this is readily apparent when you stop up for gas and reading material on your way to the shore. Big Brother is everywhere. The TV TEM arrangement is reproduced in Southern Brazil with the ClicRBS organization, owned by the Sirotsky family and run along similar lines. It is interesting to analyse the egocentric networks of these groups as virtual newsstands …


The JN also forgot to mention Globo’s business with Hawilla and in its national programming. The producer of TV 7, which belongs to Traffic, produces Autosport and Small Companies, Great Businesses, which have run on Sunday night for several years.

PEGN started out as a marketing magazine — that is, a magazine for marketers — and now mainly markets  marketers to marketing — its host is a professor at the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) who triples as a radio journalist and business owner.

But what no one knows, and Globo fails to mention, is that Hawilla is a partner of Paulo Daudt Marinho, son and heir of João Roberto Marinho and partner in the TV TEM affiliate in São José do Rio Preto … A Gazeta do Interior seems to be the local Globo print outlet … On the May 27 edition of the Jornal Nacional, William Bonner spoke of Globo as though he were saying “we have nothing to do with this.” Bonner read a statement: “TV Globo, which buys rights to many of these competitions, only hopes that investigations will be carried out and that the business environment of football will be an honest one.” Just that dry phrase, without details.

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