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Occupy Brasília | «Armed to the Teeth»



Who paid for the ubiquitous Impeachment Now football stadium style banner?

Demonstrations calling for the impeachment of the Brazilian president —  such as the piffling though extensively covered «nationwide truckers strike» that never was — are classic cases of astroturf.

Source: «Occupy Brasília» | Jornal GGN

Felipe Porto, one of the leaders of the encampment across from the [Brazilian] federal congress, calling for the overthrow of the government in favor of a «popular intervention», said the movement will never leave the area in a peaceful fashion.

«We will resist. We are armed and if this [attempt at removal from the area] takes place there will be a general bloodletting,” he said.

At least four different groups are camped out on the lawn across from Congress, most of them calling for the ouster of President Dilma Rousseff.

Most members of group to which Felipe belongs, known as «Occupy Brasília» are former military officers and former police. For this reason, they say, they are legally within their rights to arm themselves.

Policing has not yet been reinforced. The federal district governor, Rodrigo Rollemberg (PSB), is meeting with the presidents of the lower and upper houses of Congress, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) and SenatorRenan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), in an attempt to negotiate the removal of all the different camps.

Last Wednesday (18-Nov), conflict flared up between the military group and members of the March of Black Women. Shots were fired and two protesters were arrested.

Porto says the objective of Occupy is to «the complete overthrow of the three branches of government. «We defend, not a military intervention but a popular intervention,» he said. Asked how the overthrow work, Porto said it would take place with support of the Army.

Occupy was the group responsible for the Sunday march (15-Nov) calling for the «defense of the motherland». The demonstration was, however, not very well attended.

17773Porto said that despite its small numbers, the group has  the ability to «call for armed reinforcements» in the event of a confrontation. “We are on a war footing,”Porto threatened.