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Above the Hubbub


I cannot bring myself to follow contemporary bloody Brazilian political news flux anymore.

It makes me exceedingly anxious and I have decided to take a break from news analysingof the «coup» underway — and from an analysis of the buzzing blooming media blitz on the subject, inspired by Barthes and the late Umberto Eco — to focus on my personal experiments in  postmodern scribal culture.

I cannot even bring myself to translate pra Inglês ver as I often do when I lack a topic of my own to write on.

I do have a back log of topics stored on my personal wiki, but lately I lack the bunda, as they say, to work any of them out.

For insight on all of the above, I suggest you refer to Brasil Wire.

Those guys are angry, talented, progressive and committed. 

As for my own most recent labors of love, check out my first efforts at writing a blog on GitHub: Bretônio Sur La GitHub.

I believe there are blogging platforms out there one hundred times better than the bloated server-side WordPress with all its throwing of PHP & FTP errors when you try to fix it up the way you like it …