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Car Wash Judge: Spy for the FBI?

Together with [Supreme Court Justice] Gilmar Mendes, Judge Moro symbolizes the biased and partisan justice system that plagues Brazil.

Paulo Nogueira of the Diário do Centro do Mundo on recent debate over Brazilian friends of Uncle Sam and his beloved GWOT.

Marilena Chauí was quite right to say some of what she said recently about Judge Moro.

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A Boot Camp for Brazilian Anti-Corruption Troops

The joke that is going around is this.

Q: Why have the United States never suffered a coup?

A: Because they have no U.S. embassy to help plot one.

The prolific Brazilian commentator Luis Nassif parses a possible Cablegate case in point. Continue reading

«Assault on Mercosul» | A Decade of Brazilian Diplomacy To Be Undone


Governor Zé Serra in an unfortunate PR lapse with a military police assault rifle

Source: Jornal GGN (Brazil)

Translation: C. Brayton

Temer’s and Serra’s attacks on the Mercosul are based on ideology

According to a number of experts consulted for a recent report by Rede Brasil Atual, interim president Michel Temer and interim secretary of state José Serra are set on weakening Brazil’s ties with the Mercosul, based on their own personal convictions.
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Crawling IVC with Navicrawler & WIRE


Source: IVC (Instituto Vericador de Comunicação), the Brazilian publishing and media industry circulation institute — led principally by big advertisers, major advertising agencies, and media groups (Abril, RBS, Editora Globo, Estado de S. Paulo, Infoglobo, Diários Associados) …

The institute was  known as the Instituto Verificadoir de Circulação until May 2015. Its services encompass …

  1. [Free publications]
  2. [Daily newspapers]
  3. [Magazines]
  4. [B2B]
  5. [Web sites]
  6. [Events (log-in required) ]

The IVC Web is extremely valuable as a «hub and authority» Web site, enabling the creation of an extensive if partial roster of the industries it covers.

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Hacking the PTAX? | CADE Pursues «Currency Cartel»


«Double or Nothing: Major players in the currency speculation game» –Source: CartaCapital

Source: CartaCapital, 27-12-2015

Translation: C.B. 28-12-2015

The international scandal over exchange-rate cartels has revived a long-standing dispute here in Brazil. Under scrutiny by antitrust regulators since July of this year, 15 financial institutions have been able to rely upon the government as an ally. In closed-door deliberations and subtle public relations messages, the Brazilian central bank has acted almost like an attorney to the investigation subjects.

For example: The BC contests the right of competition agency CADE to investigate the industry, and states that it is “practically impossible” to manipulate the official dollar rate. It has also sought to convince the federal executive to produce legislation that would put an end to the cases currently under the jurisdiction of CADE.

Under study for more than two years now is the notion of authorizing the Central Bank to make deals with financial institutions caught committing irregularities.

In these deals, the company confesses its crimes, turns on its co-conspirators and, in exchange, receives lighter sentences and amnesty from paying fines.

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Toucan Scams | A Corruption Double Standard


Source: Brasil247

Translation: C.B.

In the sentence handed down on December 16, 2015, Judge Melissa Pinheiro Costa Lage Giovanardi of the Ninth Criminal Bar of Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais) concluded that “given the sum total of the evidence presented, there is no doubt but that the accused, EDUARDO BRANDÃO DE AZEREDO, in order to run for reelection as the state governor of Minas Gerais in 1998, created a political and financial infrastructure in order to legitimize and launder enormous sums of cash that would later be used to fund his campaign. A complex criminal organization was set up, with a well-defined division of labor and operating methodically and constantly over a period of time.

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In Re Star Wars


Gilbert Mercier of News Junkie Post discusses his new book, The Orwellian Empire.