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Rio | New Man With Plan For Van

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Black-market van stuffed with 10 armed, black-clad corpses, December 2007, Rio

Source:  R7.

On December 5. Rio de Janeiro mayor Eduardo Paes announced the creation of a special office of supplementary public transportation, led by state judicial police official Cláudio Ferraz, former commander of the anti-organized crime bureau that has pursued the militias of Rio.

The alternative van service racket is one of many money-making schemes of criminal paramilitary organizations, made up of policemen, jail guards, and soldiers, especially in the Western Zone.

Moto taxis serving areas where vans cannot reach are also very popular.  Continue reading


Bingo! | Delta Goes Down


Source: Delta defines bankruptcy recovery plan — Portal ClippingMP.

In the annals of contemporary Brazilian bribery scandals, probably none are more painful than the saga of the public works contractor Delta and its ties to organized crime boss Carlinhos Cachoeira — Charlie Waterfall, whose principal business is the murky world of smuggling, numbers racketeering, and “nickel-hunter” gambling machines.

One of Brazil’s largest contractors, Delta had been a star player in the PAC — the federal growth acceleration program — and was afforded the honor of joining the consortium to rebuild the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Now, it would be difficult for it to obtain a bicycle-powered newspaper route.

Delta has since voluntarily withdrawn from Maracanã and most other projects.

A congressional investigation is underway — wrapping up early, actually, after company officials and other parties took the local equivalent of the Fifth — but federal police say they have ample evidence of wrongdoing — including the involvement of journalists in character assassinations of Mr. Waterfall’s enemies..

Delta executives appeared on court-ordered wiretaps discussing how to cheat federal contract bidding procedures and infiltrate regulatory agencies, among other things.

And so the rise and fall of Delta turns out to be a textbook case of moral hazard.

Delta intends to pay its non-financial creditors with equipment. Its plan is to reduce its inventory of idle equipment by reducing the number of projects contracted for since January 2012 by  50%. Banks and financial institutions will receive payment starting in June 2014,  payable in 72 monthly installments and corrected by CDI+1%, according to a recovery plan filed yesterday in a Rio de Janeiro court. The creditors assembly is scheduled for December 7. Bradesco is the company’s largest creditor. Continue reading

Popular Indignation, Globo Claim Sambodian Youth Nabob!

“And here is a story that will leave you indignant.” Globo journalism is not Globo journalism unless it tells you first how to feel about the fact, if any, that come after.

The politicization of corruption accusations is a common and a wearisome spectacle in these Sambodian climes, and major news organizations tend not to slip the leash if ordered to avoid going into attack dog mode on a political ally of ownership .

In the meantime, the PSDB government of São Paulo has been accused, and not without a certain justice, of benefiting from cozy relationships with the corporate media to avoid corruption scandals in its ranks.

Celso Pitta died a free man, more or less. And probably so will Maluf.

And so it is surprising to read of a state secretary falling on his sword over corrupt practices not even related to the exercise of his office. Terra reports.

The state government of São Paulo state confirmed late Sunday that governor  Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) had accepted the resignation of state sport, leisure and youth secretary Jorge Pagura. The neurosurgeon Pagura allegedly received payment for shifts not worked at the Regional Hospital of Sorocaba before becoming secretary, according to a report on Globo’s Fantástico today.

Fantástico — a weird amalgam of 60 Minutes and Laugh-In that runs in prime time Sunday night — is a traditional launching pad for smear campaigns and moral panics.

According to a press release, he left office voluntarily “with the objective of assisting in clarifying the facts brought forth by the state prosecutor and the [Sambodian GAO].”

According to the report, more than 70 health professionals were investigated bu police and prosecutors for suspected embezzlement of public funds. On Wednesday, 12 doctors, nurses, dentists and business managers were arrested and charged with involvement in a fraud scheme at 12 hospitals in Sorocaba, Itapevi and São Paulo. One suspect is still at large.

The state secretary was not among those investigated.

To make a long story short, however, a wiretap captured a telephone call in which arrangements are made for payment for a shift not worked.

Probity seems to have broken out on a nonpartisan basis. I know these nuances mean little to you, but I am stuck in this place and the local media sphere has permeated my brain.

Goiânia | Death Squad Supporters Picket Regional Daily

‘Cause the cop don’t need you and man, they expect the same

As Observatório da Imprensa observes of the regional press, there are still parts of Brazil where the the most organized crime going is the cops,who are ready and willing to kill your ass if you object to the status quo. I translate

On January 9 the daily O Popular, of Goiânia, kicked off a series of reports titled   “Where Are They?”, dealing with people who have disappeared in the Center-Western state after being pulledover by police. The journal found that that more persons have disappeared in the state since redemocratization than disappeared under the dictatorship: 29 disappearances between 2000 abd 2010 compared with 15 state residents disappared during the dicatorship. The paper ran a high-impact headline that day: “More disappeared under democracy than under dictators”. Later, O Popular ran another series about suspected death squad activity by police, revealing that  117 pessoas were killed by state military police between 2003 and 2005.

On February 14, the Federal Police began Operation Sixth Commandment (thou shalt not kill, in the Bible translation used by protestants) and arrested 19 PMs accused of murdering or “disappearing” at least 40 persons in Goiás. The feds got involved after one of the crimes attributed to the group took place in Torixoréu, in Mato Grosso, giving the feds the right to asseert jurisdiction.

I think this may be because the area is an indigenous zone, but I am not sure. Continue reading

The PM Pistoleiros and the anti-Wikileaker

We took along our free copy, delivered to our door, of the Folha yesterday  — I thought that would have expired long ago, but the Institute of Circulation must be making its rounds — and I gisted the following stories for my wife — a regular practice of ours because it is true what they say

Driving makes you stupid.

In the first incident, 180 military police in Osasco — a 20-minute drive from here –raided a Hooverville there in search of a high-precision sniper’s rifle used by a death squad in a murder for hire scheme business run by ex-police.

The cases noted by the Folha all involved former military police murdering current military and state judicial police.

In a related story — only in Brazil — the 79-year-old founder of Gol Airlines is arrested on fresh charges of contracting for a murder for hire — he wanted to whack a witness against him in a case of murder for hire prior to this one, in which someone actual wound up dad. The paterfamilias has returned to the jungles of Tocantins where he wages war to keep the old ways alive.

The second story was, not so much the case itself, but a source of surprise that it caused such a hullabaloo.

A very well-known and prestigious sociologist put in charge of crime statistics for the state government opened a consultancy on the side and was profiting from the sale of this confidential public property to private parties. Call him the anti-Wikileaker.

He not only said he had permission to do so, but that the idea came from a supeior. But first, out on LRP duty in the Vietnamese bush of Sambodia.

Military police internal affairs mobilized 180 men Thursday morning in Osasco in a hunt for a .223 rifle used by a death squad to kill six cops in 2009 and 2010. Among the dead were four PMs and 2 state judicial police .

During the operation, two men were arrested on suspicion of membership in a criminal faction. Six weapsons were seized, along with grenades and drugs –but not the rifle sought. All the evidence collected is being taken to Deic, an anti-organized crime division.

It used to be that GAECO battled oganized crime.

The state prosecutor had applied for an arrest warrant on ex-PM Luiz Roberto Martins Gavião, suspected of heading the criminal grouip.

The warrant request came from GAECO Guarulhos, after a wiretap indicated he was the culprit in the murder of Douglas Noaldo Yamashita, io Santo André (ABC), in April 2010.

The group that police is headed by Gavião comprises some 10 former cops and charges from R$ 30,000 to R$ 50,000 per hit.

Gavião was also partners in a security businesss with Paulo Sérgio Óppido Fleury, fired from the state police in 2010 for administrative irregularities.

Yes, he is the son of that Sérgio Fleury, the sadistic thought police chief of DOI-DOPS..

Fleury, said prosecutor Marcelo Alexandre Oliveira, is suspected of booking jobs for the group of hired killers. Fleury denies any role and says he is being “persecuted.”

Accused by Gaeco as the group’s triggerman, the ex-PM Jairo Ramos dos Santos confessed to killing Yamashita some days after the crime,when he was arrested wearing a disguise and seeking hospital treatment. He had been wounded while firing on the civil police agent.

Data Privacy and Data Privatization

Kahn’s humiliating dismissal run against the grain of a state whose official motto could be, “For our friends, anthing; for our enemies, the Law.”

Rather than, non duco ducor.

Tongues will wag about internecine strife within the ruling Social Democrats.  Kahn is apparently now saying that former state security chief Saulo de Castro, now heading Transportation, advised him to set up a consultancy on the side and charge private customers for state-owned data.

Kahn was fired yesterday, after the Folha reported he was selling consulting services that made use of statstics on violence in the State.

The reliability of this information, so politically important and so statistically muddle, may not survive another scandal like this.

Kahn was hired for the post in 2003. Castro headed Public Security at the time, during the first mandate of Governor Alckmin (2003-06).

During which time the gutters ran with blood and all kinds of hinky shit got pulled.

Castro said he knew Kahn was a partner at Angra Consultoria e Representação Comercial.

Kanh confirmed that, on belalf of the  Freight Shippers Syndicate  o Sindicato das Empresas de Transporte de Cargas de SP he personally paid two CAP employees to research and study state figures.

These are private employees, paid by a private firm, with access to public property considered confidential. The syndicate says the contract is legal.

Castro said the partnership was formed because of the disparities between union and state figures on robbery and theft of loads.

He said that in his view the Syndicate is not a private interest but the spokesman for a group of companies..

I get hired to represent all privately owned lemonade stands in the neighborhood, but does not make me the agent of those stands.

Saulo is influential in the current Alckmin government, but has lost some juice in his traditional power center — public safety. He and safety secretary Ferreira Pinto are vying behind the scenes for influence over Alckmin.

The day before yesterday, Kahn had told this paper that creating was done at the request of the state government.

He said it was suggested as a way of supplementing his monthly government salary of R$ 5.000..

Fees of from $R20,000 to $30,000 were mentioned for these private reports.

It costs about as much to commit mayhem as to measure it, it seem.

So many scandals of this sort have been quashed in the past — not even the ex-mayor who set aside lots of municipal debt paper for himself and cronies was ever tried, much less convicted.

The Folha and Estadão seem to have undertaken a minor crusade since the scandal over the federal district governor.

Good for them. Both are at their best when standing up for the taxpayer.

I expect a mild epidemic of cases similar to those seen recently in Rio — where the state police chief resigned and was arrested for racketeering.

Everybody knows it but is simply afraid to say it.

Rio State Police Chief Steps Down, Will Be Indicted

The image “https://i0.wp.com/i113.photobucket.com/albums/n216/cbrayton/deathkombi.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Underground Rio van service vehicle, loaded with black-clad corpses wearing combat boots, attest to police-run organized crime schemes. See Rio de Janeiro: “Carobinha Death Toll Reaches 10″

There have long been indications of corruption at the highest levels of the Rio police. The case of Felix Tostes, a top aide to the state chief, was as a garish example.

Tostes  was executed mob-style while on the run from charges of running an enormous bribery scheme enabling the continued operation of gambling concerns. He had also been the head of the “militia” in Rio das Pedras, a Rio neighborhood — that is, a mafia-style protection and black marketeering cartel run by current and ex-cops and soldiers.

The murder my have been ordered by the so-called League of Justice, a parapolitical movement, in the Colombian sense of the term, known for a particularly deadly enforcer, a state cop known as Batman.

Now, this

The chief of Rio de Janeiro’s state judicial police has stepped down after the indictment of a top aid on charges of forewarning criminals of police actions.

The former chief will now himself be indicted for leaking police intelligence.

Having stepped down as police chief after a tense negotiation involving Governor Sérgio Cabral, a discussion that began late Monday, proceeded through the night and conclude in official announcments  yesterday, police chief Allan Turnowski is due to be indicted today by the Polícia Federal on suspicion of leaking information. He was allegedly overheard on wiretaps alerting police inspector Christiano Gaspar Fernandes about a federal police investigation. Turnowski had already been told by state security chiefJosé Mariano Beltrame, that he would have to undergo further question by Rio feds..

The conversation recorded by the feds took place last year, after the PF obtained an informant insist the anti-drug division, DCOD.  Delegacia. Allan allegedly told his subordinate to remain alert because the feds were plaining a raid. One of the targets of this investigation,, Christiano was eventually arrested. After time in Drae, the bom disposal squad, the officer had been assigned to the 22nd Precinct in Penha. Last Friday, when the feds commenced Operation Guillotine, that precinct was shutdown for two hours while search warrants were served. Gus, ammunition, cell phone and documents were sezied and are under study..

Source: Portal ClippingMP. | O Globo

Will the Military Police see their time come as well?

Sambodian City Hall | Malufists Pay It Backward

City Hall fought the law and the law won …

Another bit of good news gleaned from the Portal ClippingMP

55 former city aldermen, among them mayor Gilberto Kassab, will have to return R$ 5.3 million to the public coffers, reports the Estado de S. Paulo.

Three private citizens persisted for 16 years to bring about the result.

Mayor Kassab continues to remain in office — correct me if I am wrong on this — only because of a stay preventing him from being impeached for campaign finance irregularities. And yet no one else seems to find this insane.

I try not to avoid getting involved in local political debate, but Mr. Kassab remains a grotesque reminder of Malufism, the political movement of the late eighties and early nineties that spawned him.

Maluf is the extraordinarily corrupt ex-mayor and ex-governor who is subject to immediate arrest in New York City by order of the Distrcit Attorney there. Said Robert Morgenthau at the time, “We are not running some Grand Caymans on the Hudson here, after all.”

After 17 years, a court sentenced 55 ex-aldermen from the Sambodian City Hall  to return  R$ 5,3 million to the public coffers. The sum represents salary payments between 1993 and 1994 that exceeded the constitutional limit — city legislators by law can receive no more than  75% of teh salaries of state lawmakers. No futher appeal is possible.

Among those sentenced was mayor Gilberto Kassab (DEM), five currently serving aldermen, two commissioners of the Municipal  Tribunal of Audits and former aldermen Vicente Viscome and Hanna Garib, both accused of involvement in the Máfia of the Inspectors, a bribery scandal dating from 1998. Each defendant will have to repay R$ 95,000 on average, although the exact value can still be contested. They will also have to pay off R$ 533,000 in court costs.

There was a Mafia of the Inspector scandal just last year, in Brás. This is a permanent scheme in which city inspectors overlook lack of documentation in return for regular bribes from camelôs, or informal street vendors — who will sell you the latest movies cheaper than it would cost you to rent them.

I remember this latest outbreak of Mafia Scandalism because my immigration lawyer at the time was arrested as part of it. Gold chains, gold bracelets, expensive cologne in excess, the whole experience.

The civil suit dates from 1994. The plaintiffs, three residents of Lapa, in the Western Zone, questioned the forumula used by council members to calculate their own pay raises. Based on a wrongful interpretation of Resolution No. 05– the members of that council (1993-1996) were exempted from income tax.the state prosecutor nvestigated whether there were irregularities in the procedure leadingto the pay hike.