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Title: Au Gogo
Published: 2016-08-06 19:29:14
Author: Bretônio Gramsci
Tag: media,brazil,politics,newspaper,news,journalism,infotainment,cable,television,TV


I am happy to report to all three dedicated Lusophone Sousaphone readers that WordPress has seen fit to let me back in to my account and reset my password. I was able to recall a complicated password not used for years ….

So I am good to go and there will be no need for future reference to the ungainly New New World Lusophone Sousaphone.

There is nothing new under the sun, dixit Ecclesiastes.

In my Berkeley doctorate days, for example, I found myself deeply disturbed every time someone uttered the phrase «The New HIstoricism».

And the Old Historicism?

I suppose it is now (just plain) History?

Switching Channels

Lately, I have been relying on the dedicated observers @ Brasilwire to keep me up to date on news & views about the ongoing institutional clusterfsck the Brazilian Nation-State of 1988 is engaged in.

Yes, I do read the Estado de S. Paulo every morning before rehab because that is what they subscribe to at the hospital, but the Big State long ago evolved into a classic example of a nattering viewspaper at the expense of news coverage.

Or at least in its products for a general readership it has.

The Bloomberg-wannabe Broadcast service for a business readership remains a member of the reality-based community, I find.

 Claire, Patron Saint of Television

Television news we have sworn off for good, even the useful (on & off) basic cable channels like TV Cultura .

We have to economize now what with me not working, and so we prefer to surf Web sites and spend our idiot box stipend on Netflix rather than the NET service from the Globo zaibatsu.

It is widely believed by Brazilians by the way that the Netlfix programming on offer to them is inferior to that of users logging on to Netflix from the States. Facebook — where Neuza trolls for tips on the next good thing to watch — is abuzz with the meme.

But we can test that hypothesis, right?

Sign on from inside a Chrome incognito session and see whether we are offered anything better than Two (and a Half) Men? Or does it require the cookie in order to read your mind?

A sign of our cultural backwardness: We are only just now getting around to Lost.

Abstinence & Sustenance

In any case, I have grown into less of a media junkie than in former days, for the time being.

Or at least a media junkie of a different kind — more interested in hacking the medium than in self-producing projects for the massage as in my old You Tube channel — NMM(TV)SNB(B)CNNBS, for the main part a running exercise in subtitling and video editing with a software called MainActor that I was learning

The fact is that I have not been at all well this past year.

I was hospitalized for several months late in the year and am undergoing several more months of rehab at the tender mercies of professionals determined to get me up and running again.

I am keeping my hand in, however.

In fact, my supervising doc actually encourages me to keep on blogging like the blogging machine of old.

Two thousand posts in six years, I believe it was — of very little use to anyone except myself, when I wanted to google up my personal notes on a given topic, such as the 2006 Mexican national elections.

And so, although we are too broke to afford Web hosting for our own sites and domains at the moment, I have been on a wild testing spree of Web platforms and sociable-commonist softwares on my own machine and a couple of free wiki-farming platforms.

A Thousand Platforms

In high school I learned to type on a WIlliam S. Burroughs-style manual typewriting machine and to typeset on the antiquated linotype machine of the South Pasadena Review.

In college, it was done with a down at heels phototypesetting rig. Remember how you had to generate fixes and paste them manually with hot wax?

In graduate school, I acquired my very own Macintosh Toaster Oven and started hearing about things like the Whole Earth Lectronic Link.

Later on, after my advance to candidacy, they installed Netscape in the computer labs and the entire student body went absolutely nuts.

During my New York decade or so, I lived through the swan song of Quark and the advent of InDesign and learned to make the print workflow flow into the Cold Fusion-fueled Web site workflow.


I guess am something of a living fossil of Words Into Type.

Pomo Localhost au GoGo

These days,  it is a matter of words into pixels onto platforms hosted on a local server.

I have lighttpd running on Linux Mint Rosa.

I also have good old Apache (LAMPP) running on Apricity OS (Arch Linux)

I also have nginx running on Manjaro (Arch)

All on the same machine. Currently …

Linux lowerarchy47 4.6.4-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jul 11 19:12:32 CEST 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux

 Aladdin on LAMMP

Having more or mastered all the major LAMPP CMSes over the years — the Drupals and WordPresses and Joomlas & such on LAMPP & XAMPP and all & what have you — I am now turning to such platforms as Ruby on Rails and Python.

Over the past month I have also been up to my elbows in flat-file CMS.

I must have tried them all by now.

Looming on the testing horizon are Jekyll-like static Web site compilers — which I should be able to use to publish to my site on Github Pages. Such as Hexo

My current choice for a production site when I can afford hosting, Yellow has a static site generator — php yellow.php build stasis — but I have not gotten it to work yet.

And so it goes.

I come from a long line of Scots-Irish Missouri-born bricoleurs and I guess it shows in my old age.

Yes, some of them were quite mad but I assure you, this practical knowledge I seek is potentially very useful.

I imagine myself setting up a LAN House in the Sambodian periphery.  It ais more of a game for the youth, I suppose — this generation that has grown up with Hendrix on bitTorrent and is therefore more hip & New Historicist than we will ever be …