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Car Wash Judge: Spy for the FBI?

Together with [Supreme Court Justice] Gilmar Mendes, Judge Moro symbolizes the biased and partisan justice system that plagues Brazil.

Paulo Nogueira of the Diário do Centro do Mundo on recent debate over Brazilian friends of Uncle Sam and his beloved GWOT.

Marilena Chauí was quite right to say some of what she said recently about Judge Moro.

The exact content of her accusations are not even that important. I personally do not believe Moro was trained by the Americans as part of some plan to make off with our pre-salt petroleum, although this is certainly a possibility.

What was important about her statement was its deconstruction of a public figure who is a national disgrace.

The extent to which Chauí riled up that obtuse right wing rabble that idolizes Moro can be observed on Twitter, where the controversy remained a trending topic for more than a day and Chauí suffered slings and arrows of every sort.

Together with [Supreme Court Justice] Gilmar Mendes, Judge Moro symbolizes the biased and partisan justice system that plagues Brazil.

The real objective of Operation Car Wash, as time has taught the politically naive, was never to eradicate corruption, but rather to eradicate the Workers’ Party.

As the arrests of petistas played on national TV as cinematic epics, Cunha and Aécio Neves, to name two exemplary cases, continued on with their thieving unabashed.

Things did not get hotter for the two, and others of the same stripe, until plea dealers began telling their tales. There is no doubt about it: If those responsible for Car Wash could have buried the high crimes and misdemeanors taking place in high places of the PSDB and PT, they would have done so.

But the fact it that it was not possible to do so: to censure, delete and things of that kind.

Recent plea-bargain testimony — and especially that of Sérgio Machado — have revealed what the Car Wash crew never meant to let slip: that when it comes to corruption, the PT is a child alongside the seasoned professionals of the PMDB and PSDB.

Even worse than doing nothing at all about corruption is focusing on a single target. This is demagogy, manipulation, deceit. You pretend to be cleaning up the Republic when in fact you are leaving the doors wide open for the same thieves as ever.

It happened in 1954, to Vargas. It happened again in 1964, with Jango. It has happened now, with Dilma. Always to the tune of the same litany from the

plutocrats: Corruption, the so-called
«sea of mud.»

Once the coup is delivered, the next chapter is always exactly the same: More robbery goes on than ever. No one is really interested in fighting corruption.

Or do you really believe that an utterly shameless corporate tax evader like Globo can speak of ethics and morality without blushing?

Continues ….

Moro has been a crucial figure in the sinister plot to undo the result of 54 million votes. His partnership with Globo, the culmination of which was the leaking of conversations between Lula and Dilma, will go down in history as one of the most indecent episodes in our political history.

Posterity will not be kind to Moro, just as it has not been kind to Lacerda, Roberto Marinho and the military coup.

Was Eduardo Cunha not the hero of all those admiring political illiterates that marched against corruption until the Swiss banks — and not the Car Wash case  — unmasked him? While these idiots shouted viva! to Cunha on all those sunny Sunday afternoons, he lurked in the shadows, plotting ways to extort businesses and obtain bribes.  …