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Brasil 66 | The Generals and the Mad Men


Topic: Propaganda and advertising (Brazil)

Source: Meio&Mensagem (ABC Group)

X-Reference: ABC and Omnicom | A Dissenting View


Translation: CEB [to come]

A story that remains to be told: the ESPM.

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ABC and Omnicom | A Dissenting View


Nizan, Nizan, self-reinvented as a marathon man.

Topíc: Sale of ABC to Omnicom [1][2][3][4]

Source: Paulo Moreira Leite| Brasil 24/7

In an analysis of the sale of Brazil’s ABC Group (headed by Nizan Guanaes) to the  U.S. agency holding Omnicom, journalist Paulo Moreira Leite [5]  points out that “when we look back on the influence of publicity on the media of any country, including Brazil, we must ask whether the «de-nationalization» of publicity will not deepen the «de-nationalization» of the Brazilian media as well.

Citing such examples as Última Hora, O Pasquim and the Correio da Manhã, which suffered or did not suffer to varying degrees with the influence of business executives on their editorial line, the 247 columnist comments: “Although it would be mistaken to view advertising agencies as mere chains of transmission for economic and political interests, it would be even more ingenuous of us to believe in the opposite proposition, that of absolute independence [of the press]

What is curious about this essay is what it leaves unstated: the roster of big advertisers used to pressure the Brazilian media during the dictatorship, and the parallels of contemporary media with conditions 50 years ago.

The only instance is a mention in passing of “Mack” — possibly referring to the chairman and CEO of PepsiCo.
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«GOB Prepares Capital Infusion for Petrobras» | O Bicho Preguiça

Source: «GOB Prepares Capital Infusion in Petrobras» | O Bicho Preguiça

I accidentally posted this item to my (unpardonably neglected) Portuguese-language Web log.

Intention is to adopt a hybrid equity and debt instrument, used previously to reinforce the assets of the [state-owned] Banco do Brasil and the Caixa Econômica Federal, reports Broadcast, the news service of the Agência Estado; the system works as a financial investment without an expiration date and without diluting the shares of minorities or impacting the fiscal results of the government. Under the leadership of Aldemir Bendine, Petrobras has already raised more than US$ 14 billion from external fundraising designed to improve its capital and debt positions.

Brazil | The Minor Scandal of The Ex-Prexy Speaking Fee

Source: Fato Online.

Investigadores da Operação Lava Jato começaram a apurar indícios de desvios de finalidade ou ocultação de origem em pagamentos feitos pela empresas Odebrecht e Braskem ao Instituto FHC; o pagamento de R$ 975 mil pela Odebrecht ao iFHC entre novembro de 2011 e dezembro de 2012 foi registrado, oficialmente, como doações feitas ao fundo de manutenção da entidade; mas a PF suspeita que sejam pagamentos de palestras ou serviços de consultoria prestados pelo ex-presidente e não contabilizados; e-mails entre funcionários do iFHC e da Braskem, interceptados pela PF, dão indícios de que a entidade não gostaria de registrar os serviços; “É possível que outros pagamentos [da Odebrecht] tenham sido feitos e não te Fato Onlin Fato Online.e.nham sido encontrados”, apontam os investigadores.

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Occupy Brasília | «Armed to the Teeth»



Who paid for the ubiquitous Impeachment Now football stadium style banner?

Demonstrations calling for the impeachment of the Brazilian president —  such as the piffling though extensively covered «nationwide truckers strike» that never was — are classic cases of astroturf.

Source: «Occupy Brasília» | Jornal GGN

Felipe Porto, one of the leaders of the encampment across from the [Brazilian] federal congress, calling for the overthrow of the government in favor of a «popular intervention», said the movement will never leave the area in a peaceful fashion.

«We will resist. We are armed and if this [attempt at removal from the area] takes place there will be a general bloodletting,” he said.

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Editora Abril | Death of an Aging Playboy


The dismantling of the Editora Abril publishing house continues. Abril has just announced it will cease publishing Playboy, Men’s Health and Women’s Health.

Source: Jornal GGN (Luis Nassif)

A former magazine executive at Abril who served on a number of its publications, reports that in recent days the circulation of Playboy has fallen to a mere 15,000, while Placar has sold only 8,000. According to this same former senior editor, Veja magazine sells no more than 400,000 nationwide.

Abril did not offer to return sums paid for subscriptions to the cancelled publications. Subscribes will have to select other titles.
The closing of these former heavyweight circulation champions was described, in a note issued by Abril, as «part of a deep and daring change in the company begun last year with a review of our product portfolio and a radical reshaping of Abril products offered to its readership, its advertisers and its agents.»
The new approach, according to this note, will consist of working with the subscriber database and offering integrated advertising on products offered through a variety of media.
More specifically, Abril will create channels known as «Big Data (ABD – Abril Big Data) and Branded Content (Studio ABC – Abril Branded Content).
A memorable Playboy cover (above) was this tropical Fawn Hall — Mônica Veloso » — in a sex scandal targeting the president of the Senate.
As it turned out, the same attorney negotiating a preview of the witness testimony was also negotiating the half million-dollar fee for «baring all». As I described it at the time,
Mônica Veloso is a TV Globo journalist and [PMDB] political marketing entrepreneur who (1) had an affair with the president of the Brazilian Senate, (2) wound up bearing him a daughter, and then (3) negotiated a child-support agreement that (4) became the subject of a media-driven political scandal.
Editora Abril, controlled by the  Civita family, announces it will no longer publish Playboy, one of its most traditional titles, with 40 years in the market. In the grip of a financial crisis, Abril, which also publishes Veja magazine … has found it difficult to adapt to the digital era, not only in the erotic magazine market but in other areas as well. Other magazines may be closed in the coming months and Abril itself may be sold.
 Portal Imprensa:

Além dos três títulos, a Abril já havia se desfeito de algumas outras marcas em 2015. Em junho, IMPRENSA informou que a editora havia demitido 120 funcionários e vendido títulos como Placar, Contigo, Você SA, Você RH, Ana Maria, Tititi e Arquitetura e Construção, repassadas à Editora Caras.

No mesmo mês, a revista Educar para Crescer foi descontinuada e Guia Quatro Rodas incorporada às revistas Viagem e Turismo, Veja São Paulo e Veja Rio.

Tropical Homicide | Cooking the Sambodian Books?

Who killed 19 in Baueri and Osasco? Off-duty cops, it seems ...

Who killed 19 in Baueri and Osasco? Off-duty cops, it seems …

Source: Brasil247

A total of 973 homicides committed by off-duty military police in legitimate self-defense were  concealed for nearly a decade by the state government of São Paulo.

These cases, occurring between 2006 and March 2015, involved off-duty PMs who killed someone in response to a crime.

The absence of these fatalities from the official records, which as a matter of law are to be made public, was confirmed to the Folha de S. Paulo this week by the Alckmin government.

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